The ¡CACTUS! Story

The power of cactus leaf…

Nopal cactus leaf contains antioxidants, betalains, electrolytes, amino acids – plus a uniquely powerful hydrocolloid that promotes absorption and retention in your body. For generations, Latin American folk healers called curanderos have recommended cactus leaf for colds, skin conditions, digestion and more. Today’s research shows components of cactus leaf may promote muscle recovery, combat free radicals and oxidative stress linked to inflammation, support cardio and skin health, and may even lessen the effects of hangovers.

…meets the power of personal commitment

Sarita Lopez, an organic farmer in California’s Napa region, observed health conscious farmers market shoppers enthusiastically buying and juicing cactus paddles (leaves) grown on her family’s organic farm. Sarita ate cactus paddles herself. She believed they cleared up her eczema when nothing else worked. In an “aha!” moment, Sarita decided to create an organic cactus water powered by cactus leaf. In late 2017 Sarita launched an organic cactus water named “Green-Go” that she has since evolved, improved and rebranded as ¡CACTUS!

Founder’s Message