Sustainability is a universal issue we address in our individual choices. Here are five reasons why we believe ¡CACTUS! is a more sustainable choice:

  • Organic: ¡CACTUS! is made with whole cactus paddles (leaves) that are organically grown, because we believe organic agriculture is healthier for our planet.
  • Water Efficient: Our cacti are grown with only natural rainfall during the rainy season. No irrigated water is used – a major sustainability advantage over other plant-based waters and beverages.
  • Self-Generating: We harvest select cactus paddles – not the entire plant. The cactus stays intact and healthy. Cutting paddles actually helps the cactus thrive – a new paddle regenerates within two weeks.
  • The Whole Paddle: We use the entire cactus paddle, for maximum nutrition and no organic waste “leftovers.” (The less sustainable alternative is to extract the cactus water only).
  • Responsible: ¡CACTUS! sleek cans are made of aluminum – among the most recycled and recyclable materials, with rates significantly higher than those for plastic and aseptic. Nearly 75% of all aluminum produced in the US is still in use. Aluminum can be recycled back into itself repeatedly, in a true closed loop.