Hello and welcome to the wonderful world of ¡CACTUS! Organic Cactus Water! As your host of this new blog, I’d like to start off with a quick intro about myself.

My name is Sarita Lopez (current age: 29 for the 6th time) and I live in Napa, CA (moved back with the parents to start this venture—you know—like a proper Millennial). After college I moved to Austin, Texas and eventually found myself working at a large soda company that was partially-owned (now fully-owned) by an even larger beverage company. I learned a lot during my time there and one thing in particular – you would have to be some sort of crazy to want to start a beverage business of your own. The competition is enormous and I want to say I heard there’s something like 250 beverages introduced to the market every day. EVERY. DAY. So yes, when I decided to launch this cactus water in 2016 (more info can be found on the ABOUT tab) my beverage background gave a “tsk tsk” and asked if I knew what I was really getting myself into. And even though I thought I did at the time, I didn’t really. It’s hard work, insane hours, self-doubt becomes an all too likely companion and TBH, I’ve cried hysterically more times than Kristen DiMera from Days of our Lives. So, why do it at all? Because I really and truly believe that cactus is the future and that cactus water will someday soon own the same amount of space that coconut water and kombucha currently reside on. I’m all in, and even on the days where I feel my lowest, I know I can make this work. I have to! So, each day, I get up, put on my Spanx one leg at a time, roll my sleeves up and get ready for what the day has in store for me. Because that little voice that once gave me the “tsk tsk” is now telling me that our team at ¡CACTUS! is onto something big. And we can’t wait to share it all with you!

P.S. – if you’re looking to start a beverage company and have questions, I’d be more than happy to pass on any wisdom I’ve learned during this journey. My email is

Thank you!

Sarita Lopez